Affiliate Disclosure

Who are we?

We are a joint team of software engineers, marketing and business experts, and graphic designers who do the same job: help business owners achieve their goals.

Our clients are startups or companies looking to boost their revenue, attract more customers, and develop marketing strategies. In short, we focus on solving all of the problems businesses may encounter on their pay to success – by using effective and tailored methods.

We perform a gauntlet of tests on products and then review those that prove to be the most beneficial for our customers.

What’s an affiliate link?

Sometimes our articles may contain affiliate links. When a reader purchases an item through an affiliate link on our website, we may receive a small compensation for that. 

Clicking on an affiliate link and buying a product through it does not increase the cost for you in any way. We might just earn a partial commission of its regular price. This helps us to invest our time and expertise in creating content, testing out products, and growing the blog.

Do affiliate commissions affect our judgment?

While we may get a commission for a purchase made through affiliate links, our recommendations are never biased. Our primary goal is to stay objective while reviewing and testing the products. 

We figured – if our team were to promote products that were bad, what would be the outcome? Our readers would be dissatisfied and ask for refunds, which would lead to them losing trust in our recommendations – and that is what keeps this blog alive. 

Legal Disclosure

As a participant in the affiliate programs, [name of the website] might earn advertising fees. 

In other words, we may get compensated if you buy some products that we recommend. However, this comes at no additional cost to you. All the services we link to, our team finds beneficial for the readers.

Final words

We would love to hear from you!

Every opinion, question, or suggestion from our readers is highly appreciated.

Please leave us comments or reach to us via email. We are open to any exchange of ideas and eager to provide our assistance for any matter. Thank you for stopping by!