How to Reach More Customers with Text Mail Subscriber App?

Are your email inboxes overflowing? Well, everyone gets tons of email updates, special offers, and notifications that it may be difficult to get potential clients to read yours. Only a few people dedicate time to reading emails.

So, what do people read more often? For sure, text messages. Therefore, if you want to use SMS texts to communicate with your clients, you need a text mail subscriber app.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber App?

Text mail subscriber app is a text messaging service platform that allows users to send multiple texts to their existing and potential customers. 

Such a way of communication with your clients looks similar to sending an email, but it has a greater response rate. 

Who is a Text Mail Subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is a person who has subscribed to your SMS messages. 

With their help, text subscribers receive special offers, notifications, coupons, alerts from your business. Whether it is a booking notification from a restaurant or a text message with the status of the order they are sent directly to the phone of your customer. 

4 Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Text Message Subscriber App

Text messaging service brings limitless benefits for your business. 

1. It Drives Automation

If your business involves things like delivering confirmations, billing reminders, and appointment reminders, you need a text autoresponder. It helps to convert redundant processes to more engaging and meaningful interactions with clients.

2. It Does Not Require Internet Connectivity

Text messaging does not require access to the internet. So, even if you can’t get any Wi-Fi signal, you can receive texts. 

3. It Does Not Require Any Downloads

This form of messaging is a direct one; your contacts do not need to download an app. They can text a specific keyword to a long or shortcode to opt in to the texting list. Afterward, you can message them directly.

4. Your Customers Will Receive and Read the Messages

We exist in a digital age where almost everyone owns a phone that can at least make and receive calls and send and receive SMS notifications. This implies that more people will probably read your messages within a few minutes of sending them.

But before texting anyone, business owners should get acquainted with SMS messaging laws and follow them.

These laws differ from country to country, but they hold a general principle such as seeking prior consent from customers and the option to unsubscribe at any time. In the United States, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) possesses legislative powers to regulate commercial text messaging.

One regulation put forward by the FCC is the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection). It states that organizations and businesses must request written consent from customers before sending any text message to them.

Furthermore, organizations must ensure that customers can opt-out of the messaging service at will. And messages should deliver between 8 o’clock in the morning and 9 o’clock at night to avoid inconveniencing the customers.

What Are the Best Text Mail Subscriber Apps?

Our top picks for best text mail subscriber apps are:


TextMagic is a text messaging platform for any size of business. You can use it to send SMS to your business partners, customers, and staff. You can also import and manage your contacts through the account. TextMagic allows you to integrate an SMS gateway (click here to text) into your website.

There are shared numbers on the account that you can use to receive and reply to SMS from customers. When you send an email to a list of contacts, it will be forwarded as an SMS to all the mobile numbers on the list.

TextMagic features include:

  1.       Appointment scheduling
  2.       Appointment reminder
  3.       Mobile marketing
  4.       SMS marketing campaign

You can start using TextMagic with a one-time payment of $10 or try the free version. The platform offers support online during business hours.


SimpleTexting helps users to send instant emergency SMS alerts to a large list, offer customer care, and create automated marketing campaigns. This explains why many popular brands, small businesses, healthcare providers, nonprofits, churches, and other institutions use it to reach different audiences.

The platform is easy to use as you do not need any tutorials to get started. And with the mobile app, your conversations can be managed from anywhere, effortlessly.

SimpleTexting features are:

  1.       2-Way messaging
  2.       Contact management
  3.       MMS
  4.       Mass texting
  5.       Message personalization
  6.       Mobile coupons
  7.       Mobile keywords
  8.       Polls/voting
  9.       Reporting/analytics
  10.   Scheduled messaging
  11.    Short codes
  12.   Text-to-win

The pricing plans are quite flexible, starting at $25 each month. But you can save more when you pay for an annual plan. Although there is no free version, you can get a free trial. SimpleTexting offers support online during business hours.


EZ Texting messaging solutions have served more than 160k customers in Canada and the U.S. The platform has helped many businesses to provide quality customer service, grow and follow-up leads, streamline communications, and improve outreach efforts.

The platform is cloud-based and features the following:

  1.       Bulk texting
  2.       MMS
  3.       Delivery reports
  4.       Reminder campaigns
  5.       Text polls
  6.       Keywords
  7.       Textable numbers
  8.       Text-to-landline option

EZ Texting has a free version, but you can enjoy premium features when you choose the paid plan. The price starts at $49 each month, which gives you access to 1000 credit for messages and 1 MMS keyword. You will also get a free trial in the first month. The platform offers support online during business hours.

How Does Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail Function?

Getting a voicemail-enabled number is the first step to sending voicemail messages to your customers. This is possible when you use text mail services. Here’s how it works:

  1.       Open the app and click on compose.
  2.       Select voice broadcast.
  3.       Select the recipients.
  4.       Select the sender’s phone number.
  5.       Upload an audio file containing the message.
  6.       Click schedule/send the message.

The broadcast message will be delivered as a call, but if it is unanswered, it will be saved as a voicemail on the recipient’s phone.

Top SMS Subscriber Retention Tips

The following are top tips for SMS subscriber retention:

1. Offer Customer Service Via Text Message

When you have too many customers’ requests, rather than keeping them on hold, ask them to send a text stating their requests and inquiries. This option is easy for troubleshooting and making reservations and payments.

2. Schedule an Automatic Follow-Up

You can assign some team members to follow-up with certain customers. But the workflow may become stressful and reaching out to customers will be the least on their to-do lists. However, you can reduce the rate at which your business loses leads by scheduling an automatic follow-up.

3. Educate Your Subscribers Often

You can text your latest offers and products to customers, describing how they will benefit from using them. Ensure you provide valuable resources or information that can help your customers. This will keep your brand in their memories, as they will always look forward to your next message. But ensure you do not overload them with messages.

The Bottom Line

Text messaging is a sure way to reach customers because almost everyone has a cell phone. It also has a lot of advantages for your business that can make your team more effective and increase sales.

We reviewed some text mail subscriber apps that offer amazing services you can sign up to enjoy. Do not forget to use the subscriber retention tips to avoid losing potential customers or the existing ones.

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