How to Send Mass Text? Trouble-Free Methods

Have you heard about mass text messaging?

The main idea is simple: You send SMS messages to a group of people at once.

It is a strategy mostly employed by businesses of all kinds. You can send notifications, promotion codes, updates, reminders, and so on.

Why is a bulk text messaging preferred to digital forms of marketing?

Simply put – because the former usually ends up either in the spam or in the junk folder. And a great majority of people open and read their texts. So, it’s much easier to spread the voice of your brand via SMS.

Below are the answers to how to send mass text, along with the explanations for each method.

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How to Send Mass Text Messages?

It is actually very easy to send mass text messages automatically, without any manual fuss that could last for hours.

Let’s see what are the various ways to go about this and to what means they can be used.

Short Code Texting

Short code messaging is a strategy whereby an individual sends a keyword to a 5 or 6-digit short code. Then, a business should send an automated text message in response.

This kind of service is mostly used to enable people to opt for services, request a particular piece of information, or subscribe.

A short code will be connected to a certain keyword. The keyword should be easy and memorable.

For example: Say that you own a pet store. To receive a discount, your customers could send “PET20” to 35743. And then, you should send them a message with the discount code.

It goes without saying that you won’t do this manually each time. Even copy-pasting the message would take too much time!

Long Code Texting

Long code texting is another way to reach your audience.

A long code looks like a standard, 10-digit number that your company may use to message people.

The long code can also be used for calls, unlike the short code.

It is sort of a customer service that you can automate to a certain amount.

This is preferred when you want a more natural and personalized approach.

Toll-Free Texting

Toll-free texting is a method nestled somewhere in-between the short and the long codes.

It is enabled by a mass texting service provider.

By getting a toll-free number (or using an existing one, if you already have it), you can manage all received and outgoing messages efficiently.

Toll-free texting enables two-way conversations between customers and companies via SMS and MMS messages.

You can schedule and automate texts and send them in bulk.

What is the Best Way for Business to Send Mass Texts?

Out of the three methods described above, toll-free texting via a mass texting service is the best one.


For one, a toll-free number appears much more genuine and personal to your customers than a short or a long code. And that can be a decisive factor when they are choosing whom to trust.

Toll-free numbers are also known as “800” numbers, which means that your customers won’t have to pay anything to reach you. You’d be surprised at how many people dissuade getting into touch with a company because of the additional cost, so this is a good way to prevent it.

Another reason is that toll-free texting is productive. You can automate your texts and send them in bulk for any purpose, including:

  • Welcome messages
  • Reminders
  • Notifications
  • Promotions
  • Shipping info, etc.

Is there any Free Mass Texting Service?

The question: “What is the best free mass texting service?” is frequently posed.

And the answer is that the best mass texting services aren’t free.

However, the good thing is that many of the top-notch mass texting services provide free trial periods. This means you can try them out and see whether they suit your needs before you commit.

Best Mass Texting Service Providers

Have you decided that you want to use toll-free mass texting?

Finding the right provider might seem daunting with a slew of options on the market.

In the sea of offers, the following three mass texting service providers score the highest when it comes to the value-for-the-price ratio:

  1. TextMagic. This tool allows you to send mass texts to over 200 countries via virtual mobile phone numbers. You can create a distribution list, and your message will be sent to all of the numbers you add to it. Another good thing is that you can send up to 918 characters, which is much better than the standard 160 you are limited to with an SMS. A convenient statistics report is also available. Their free trial unlocks all of the features for 30 days.
  2. SimpleTexting. This provider allows you to fully automate texts and optimizes two-way messaging for your business. You can send mass texts to all of the contacts you import or those who reach out by opting in for your keyword. And if words are not enough, it also supports MMS. SimpleTexting is known for its excellent live chat customer support that replies within minutes. Their 14-day free trial gives you access to 50 message credits, a toll-free number, and one keyword you can set up. This will be more than enough to help you decide whether you want to use SimpleTexting.
  3. Slicktext. This is a mass text messaging platform that offers a plethora of features, including Shopify, Facebook, and email integration, and time-delayed & automated texts. Their bulk messaging feature is intuitive and easy-to-use. First, you dedicate a keyword, or, as they call it, a “textword,” and a list is created with all of the people who send it. Then, all you have to do is tweak the messaging for that particular list. For instance, you can pick whether you want an immediate or scheduled reply, the body of the message, etc. Also, you can import a list of your previous contacts. Their 14-day free-of-charge trial allows you to try out 50 texts with a textword of your choice.

Overall, there’s a good reason these three providers have thousands of users worldwide and consistently stay ahead of their competitors on the market.

Their features are varied and useful, and the customer support is great. On top of that, all three allow you to test out the tool before you get it without any commitments beforehand. You don’t even have to leave your credit card info. That’s a real testimony to the fact that they are confident they are providing the best service.

Is there a Way to Send Mass Text from Personal iPhones or Android Phones?

If you need to send a mass text once, without it being a part of your campaign or something like that, you can do that from your personal mobile phone devices.

You won’t be able to keep a record of people who replied, text them later again, and so on.

How to Send Mass Text on Android

To enable Android group text, go to Messages > Menu (aka 3 dots in the right corner) > Settings > Advanced > Group Messaging. Choose the option for SMS that says “mass text” in the parentheses.

Then, create a new message, add all the recipients that you wish, and tap “Send.”

How to Send Mass Text on iOS

And if you’re wondering how to send a mass text on iPhone, an option is the Group iMessage. To send the group text, you should go to Messages > Compose > Add Contacts, and then type and send the message.

If you want to send a message on iPhone without it being a group text, you should toggle off “Group Messaging” in Settings > Messages.

The built-in options for both OS are time-consuming.

You have to add contacts or numbers manually, one by one. There is no way to speed things up and create groups of contacts like you can do with the mass texting services.

Plus, toll-free texting has fewer limitations when it comes to characters, the delivery rates are excellent, and it’s much more affordable in the long run.

Is it Possible to Send Mass Text Messages from Gmail?

Lastly, let’s tackle how you can send mass text messages from Gmail.

To do so, you’ll have to know your recipients’ SMS gateway addresses that are connected to their mobile network carrier.

The text is composed in the regular Gmail message window. You should type it as you would do with the standard emails.

In the field “To,” you are required to type the 10-digit cell phone number of the people you want to text, followed by @ and their SMS gateway addresses.

Needless to say that this is inconvenient and that finding all of your recipients’ SMS gateway addresses would be very tiresome. Also, there’s a limit of 140 characters, which is even shorter than a standard SMS.

To Sum It Up

If you are researching the ways to send mass texts to your customers, you are on a good path:

It has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for your business success.

Now that you know what options there are, you can go for the one that seems most beneficial to you.

Toll-free mass texting services eliminate the downsides of other methods because it has no limits and allows you to send bulk SMS easily – in any way and quantity that you wish.

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