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All businesses today are looking to improve their overall effectiveness of sales efforts, marketing efforts, and customer service incentives. Additionally, they all want to increase their returns through these efforts and improve their bottom line. At the same time, customer relationship management software solutions are evolving and becoming increasingly popular.

More and more organizations are using CRM software solutions, as these systems have developed more sophisticated features that businesses find quite useful. Some of the features that modern CRM solutions provide include social applications, data analytics, gamification, cloud-based solutions, and mobile functionality.

Given the fact that the CRM market has grown so much, there are many options to choose from and it can be difficult to pick the right CRM for an enterprise.

This is why we’ve decided to make a list of the five best solutions in our opinion and give you a bit information on each and every one of them.

HubSpot CRM

hubspot-crmHubSpot is one of the most popular CRM solutions in the world. You can say that HubSpot is the WordPress of CMS and most people use it because it’s a free solution that has no limitations when it comes to features. Additionally, it is very user-friendly and people get used to working with it fairly quickly.

HubSpot has a huge variety of features the interface is highly intuitive and easy to navigate, there are many useful integrations, and it can be used for many different sales channels such as email, social media, meetings and sales calls. Still, many people say that it is not suitable for enterprises.

This might have been true in the past, but now there is HubSpot Data Connected, which allows businesses to extend the capabilities of this CRM and use it effectively for enterprises, as well as small and mid-sized businesses.

The most important upgrade is the fact that you can now enable your CRM for more complex pipelines. This external system has advanced workflow automations and with HubSpot treasure data you can sync multiple sales pipelines. This upgrade can be integrated with other apps and systems you might be using to have a well-rounded system that can help you perform CRM to the best of your capabilities.


amocrm-logoThis is a comprehensive enterprise CRM that has the power to tackle simple tasks and more complex processes equally well. It has earned two important rewards, one for the best user experience and one by experts that use these kinds of systems. It is designed to transform contacts that come for the first time into leads.

Additionally, it helps create, organize and manage your database easily while allowing a business to make better decisions in sales. It also has great features for tracking performance and through this system a business is always able to understand how well it’s performing and find areas where performance could be improved.

This is especially important for a big business. Although amoCRM has lots of features, it doesn’t have as many as some other systems do. This is because the people behind it looked to provide as much quality as possible behind every feature and not just quantity. It’s very simple to use, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t handle more complex functions.

Agile CRM

AgileCRM logoThis is yet another cloud-based CRM system solution that can be used by small organizations, mid-sized businesses and enterprises. A lot of people compare it to HubSpot, in fact there is a whole debate between users on which one is better. It is certainly one of the more popular enterprise CRM systems.

This system has contact management options, telephone options, marketing automation, scheduling features, and a knowledge base system built in. It also allows you to track website visitors and analyze their behavior through the whole sales process. Additionally it has a drag-and-drop interface through which you can create marketing automation workflows.

With Agile CRM you can also set up automatic reminders based on contact options and time configurations. It also has full-blown social media integration that can connect to all of the most important social networks.

Nutshell CRM

nutshell-logoThis CRM comes with an appealing dashboard that offers syncing options, one of them being Google Calendar, which can help managers work on leads when needed and aggregate important events and dates. On this dashboard users can have a clear overview of all meetings, activities, contact history and tasks.

The setup process is very simple and you can quickly add users and assign their roles. For enterprises, this is a very useful feature, as not everyone is supposed to have access to pricing data or customer history. When it comes to importing contacts, Nutshell CRM offers multiple options.

They can be synced from your Google account, or through your spreadsheet. Additionally, you can add any manually. The contacts are displayed and sorted very well and by just clicking on one a user can get all the relevant information. It also features great reporting options, tracking sales and lead generation.

Base CRM

base-logoThis is one of the most known CRM systems on the market. It is very popular and has won various awards that testify to its quality. Lead scoring and collection is very effective with Base CRM, as it brings all of the functionalities to a single, comprehensive platform. It has the power and tools to be both a sales system and CRM system at once by connecting to emails, phones, reporting tools and scoring tools.

It excels at a number of integrations and basically anything you use can be connected with this CRM. Not only this, but all of the integrations are completely optimized and functional. There are many reporting templates that are visually represented and there is no need to setup anything in order to make them work.

All of the customers that use this enterprise CRM say that their support is on point, despite the fact that they have lots of big companies using their software. People have testified that the customer support is like they have 10 customers and not thousands.


In our opinion, HubSpot is the best solution, as there is a very large community behind it. Still, going for any of these enterprise CRM’s would be a good move. You just need to analyze your business and see which of the systems is best for your needs.

Have you tried using some other CRM for your enterprise? Share your experiences and practices in our comments below.

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