Top Best CRM for Small Business

CRM for small business

As a small business, you have just entered a big scene through a small door. Down the road you should be focused on using any opportunity that presents itself in order to establish a better position, become more competitive and draw more attention to yourself.

A CRM software solution for small business is one of those opportunities, and you should consider implementing and using it in your day-to-day operations. Here’s everything you need to know before you make your final decision.

What is a CRM for Small Business

CRM software for small business is fairly similar to the CRM software for medium-sized businesses and large corporations. At least in terms of functionality, ease of use and scalability.

This means that despite the suffix “for small business”, you will still be able to use it to improve the relationship between your business and customers, improve customer retention, boost sales and foster business growth.

Small business CRM is custom tailored to fit the needs, goals and objectives of small business CRM strategies. It comes at a reasonable price, which is exactly what makes it a great option for new companies. This way even small companies with very limited budgets can take advantage of the powerful CRM software features.

Why Use CRM for Small Business

CRM is held in high regard by business experts. In fact, many of the experts in this field say that it is perhaps the most valuable software to be used by a small business. The statistics back this claim up.

A recent Salesforce study has revealed that companies experience a 29% increase in their sales after they have implemented one of the small business CRM solutions.

But what can a small business CRM system do for your organization? Actually, there are several things you should know before you can completely understand why you need to start using one:

  • Customer service – if you want to become more competitive and make your mark, you need to have a top-notch customer service; something your customers will remember you by. Using one of the best small business CRM solutions can help you achieve that.

  • Sales – A business is as only as good as the profits it makes. For a small business, ensuring a constant revenue stream is vital for its success, and CRM systems are designed to help you boost your sales and increase your profits over short periods of time. These effects get even better over time.

  • Marketing – Before you can improve sales and provide customer service, you need to have customers. And for that we have marketing. The best CRM solutions for small business will help you to improve your marketing and make it more efficient.

Which Features to Look for in a Small Business CRM

Here is the bare minimum of features a small business CRM software must have. Pay close attention to these before you decide to buy one:

  • Contact Management – This feature will allow you to capture and record every bit of customer information necessary for your CRM strategy to succeed. The top-notch CRM solutions will have a search functionality attached to this feature.

  • Interaction Tracking – This feature will enable you to record all interactions with your customers, including live chat, email, chat via phone and email correspondence. This data is very important because it is actionable and easy to use when it comes to improving your approach to each step in the customer life-cycle.

  • Lead Management – Small business CRM solutions also come with lead management. A feature that will help you get your hands on information on possible leads and the ability to score the leads. Telling the leads who are most likely going to be converted from the ones who are not is a powerful advantage for any business, especially a small one.

Benefits of Using Small Business CRM

After implementation of crm for small business you should expect the following benefits:

  • Increased sales, sales forecast accuracy and sales productivity.
  • Accurate, easily located and secure customer information.
  • Improved communication with clients.
  • Smart decision making thanks to a powerful back-end analytics engine.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Smartly targeted lead generation.
  • Optimized and efficient marketing.
  • Increased productivity thanks to the automation of repetitive and boring tasks.
  • More time on your hands to focus on the core business processes.
  • Improved overall customer experience.
  • Smart business decisions thanks to the daily, weekly and monthly reports,

TOP 5 Best CRM

  1. HubSpot CRM – HubSpot CRM comes in at the top of our list as the best CRM for small business. This cloud-based solution comes from the leading CRM software vendor and packs all the features a small business needs, completely aligning with a small business CRM strategy. It also falls into the category of free CRM for small business.

  2. KarmaCRM – KarmaCRM is also a cloud-based small business CRM solution. It comes with easy-to-use features for streamlined deal closing, business operations management and contact management. The built-in notification system will help you to stay focused on the important tasks at hand.

  3. Really Simple Systems CRM – This cloud-based CRM solution was specifically developed for small businesses. You can choose whether your want to use it for free and sacrifice some of the functionality or use the paid version. Since it is a modular CRM, you will be able to hand pick the features you like to have and use.

  4. Base CRM – Base CRM is a rising star in the world of small business CRM. It has all the features of the top competitors and then some. This CRM tool has a lead-sales rep matching tool, which we have found to be very useful and accurate. With a flexible pricing model and deep customization, Base CRM is definitely worth your consideration.

  5. Agile CRM – Agile CRM software has a very intuitive and minimalistic user interface. It is very easy to use and comes with out-of-the-box features that align well with small business CRM needs. The website visitor tracking tool is very useful as it provides further insight into customers behaviour.

Choosing the best CRM for small business will help you improve your CRM efforts, while taking the boring and repetitive tasks off your and your employees’ plate. Using one of these solutions you will be able to create deep and meaningful relationships with your customers and set your organization on the course of growth and prosperity.

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