Agile CRM Review

Agile CRM logo Agile CRM is an all in one customer relationship management tool that is very popular. People love it because it allows them to do many different things including sales automation, marketing automation, managing customer relationships, and all of this can be put in motion very quickly. It’s free for up to two users and, if you need more, you will have to pay a monthly subscription.

Agile CRM main features

  • Managing customer contacts
  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Organizing telephone calls
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Various integrations
  • Storing customer data
  • Website visitor tracking

Agile CRM pricing plans

  • It’s free for up to 2 users, however this package has restrictions as it has only one plugin option, a maximum of 1000 contacts and 5000 emails.

  • The starter pack stands at $9 per month and it gives you much more contacts, features and integrations.

  • The regular package costs $30 per month, and it’s best suited for growing organizations that are starting to get into serious waters.

  • The enterprise pricing plan costs $48 per month and it gives all of the features and options of this tool with utmost flexibility.


Agile provides flawless sales automation

With Agile CRM, you will receive a comprehensive contact management system that gives you everything you need regarding your contacts. With this CRM, you can see valuable contact information such as addresses, numbers, history of communication, lead scores, social media profiles, and all of this on a single page.

It has a graphical timeline that can show you the history of customer contacts and all of the activities related to them including email messages, social media activity, website visits, and so on. You can also add an online calendar that can be used by customers to schedule their own appointments. Also, this calendar can be synced with the Google Calendar.

You can also use this software to create call events, sales demos, and sales meetings. You can also use it to manage tasks, make reports, add documents where needed, and all of this by simply dragging and dropping. All sales teams need these kinds of options as they allow them to be more efficient at their job and have a better overview of everything that is relevant to them.

Innovative solutions and plugins

This CRM solutions offers versatile telephony integrations including SIP, RingCentral and Twilio. It has the power to score leads automatically, provide users with real time alerts, and manage leads on its own. With Agile CRM, you can automate invites, follow-ups and scheduling as well.

The Agile CRM system also has a lot of gamification elements in its features and they can help improve collaboration and encourage competitiveness. It also comes with a tool for building landing pages and many templates to choose from. It is fully equipped for all small to medium-sized businesses but can be used properly by large enterprises as well.

It is possible to integrate Agile CRM with social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. There are also many plugins for email support, telephony, billing, CMS, e-commerce, SMS gateways, and much more.


A comprehensive marketing automation tool

One of the beauties of this CRM is that it is an all-around system that has a lot of versatility and different functionalities. Unlike others, it can automate marketing and sales as well. This is not something you see every day. The people that made it really wanted to make a platform that you can rely on and perform different actions and processes from.

It has a tool which is drag and drop based and through it you can create marketing campaigns with different steps and create workflows. You can also use it to create custom pop-ups, conduct surveys, make coupons, and signup forms. Additionally, the integration of social media can be very useful when performing these actions.

By integrating social media with your marketing campaigns, you will be able to have a clearer picture of how your campaign works. What’s even better is the fact that you can see contacts, perform analytics and analyze web traffic while doing these things. You can automate emails, track them, automate mobile marketing, and create popups.

Organize your deals as best as possible

Agile is a CRM that can help any organization organize their deals if needed. When you go to the deals section you will find 5 columns in which you can adequately sort the right people. These include lost, won, proposal, prospect, and new.

You can easily drag and drop deals in the adequate column so that you can update others who need this information. Not only that it will be easier for you to see what kind of customers you are currently working with, but you can also communicate with other departments and allow them to start their work when needed.

If you want to add a new deal, simply click on the add deal button and you will get a brand new window where you can input the required information. What’s even more amazing about Agile is that you can use it to filter deals as well. This will help everyone with their searches.

Reasons to choose Agile CRM


  • This is a packed CRM with many features that can be used instantly
  • The user interface is mostly intuitive and smooth
  • A big range of integrations and plugins with paid packages
  • The pricing is reasonable
  • Good reporting options
  • A completely acceptable landing page builder tool


  • Email marketing features sometimes appear to be buggy
  • You have to get the more expensive pricing plans to get all of the integrations

Bottom line

In the end, this is a good tool that is worth the money. Bear in mind to look at the pricing plans properly and see what you feel most comfortable with. Don’t get a plan that doesn’t have everything you need. This is an all-around CRM that offers good flexibility and functionality. It can definitely make your day-to-day work much easier.

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