AmoCRM Review

AmoCRM logo AmoCRM is a complete customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. It comes with nine top-notch features designed to help businesses manage customers through the entire sales pipeline. It is built to open communication lines between a business, and its customers, generate leads, and boost sales.

AmoCRM Features

  • Contacts and Leads Database
  • Tasks and Notifications (reminders)
  • Dashboard with KPIs
  • Powerful Analytics & Forecasting
  • Automated Digital Pipeline
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Email Integration
  • API, Website, and Landing pages integration
  • VoIP Integration
  • Customizations (big ready-to-use Widgets library)

AmoCRM Pricing

Free Trial – Full Version for the duration of 14 days, completely free.

Base Subscription Plan, $15 per user per month, billed annually.

  • Per-user – 12,500 contacts, 2,500 open leads, 100 custom fields, 200 Mb file storage, 50 free business card scans (mobile app).
  • Lead capture & Organization – Google Analytics and Website integration, Merge duplicates, add custom fields for leads and contacts.
  • Lead Management – Sales pipeline, add custom pipeline stages, sync and save all email correspondence.
  • Process Tracking – Activity report, define user and group permissions.
  • Analytics and sales reports – Consolidated sales reports, search for bottlenecks in the sales process.
  • Protection and security – Secure connection (SSL certificate), Permanent data backup.
  • Customization – Full REST-API.
  • Available Integrations – Email/SMS marketing, Online chat, Technical support.

Advanced Subscription Plan, $25 per user per month, billed annually.

All Base plan features plus:

  • Per user –  25,000 contacts, 5,000 open leads, 200 custom fields, 400 Mb file storage
  • Lead capture & Organization – all Base plan features
  • Lead Management – Business processes and auto-created tasks, add required fields, digital pipeline automation, customers.
  • Process Tracking – Create branches and teams, KPIs, and sales plans.
  • Analytics and sales reports – Call analysis, sales forecasting.
  • Protection and security – Log visits of all account users, limit visits by IP address (whitelist and blacklist)
  • Customization – Third-party app notifications (Webhooks), create your own widgets, dashboard widget customization.
  • Available Integrations – All features of the Base plan.

Enterprise Subscription Plan $45 per user per month, billed annually.

  • Per user – 50,000 contacts, 10,000 open leads, 400 custom fields, 800 Mb file storage.
  • Lead capture & Organization – All Base plan features.
  • Lead Management – Lead scoring.
  • Process Tracking – All Advanced plan features.
  • Analytics and sales reports – All Advanced plan features.
  • Protection and security – Periodic backup with an archive sent via email, monitoring of the activity.
  • Customization – All Advanced plan features.
  • Available Integrations – All Base plan features.


AmoCRM Review

Ease of Use

The developers of AmoCRM did a great job by making CRM software with unparalleled ease of use. The user interface is beyond simple and very intuitive. If you wish to use any of the nine key features, all you have to do is click on the bar located on the left section of the screen.

Furthermore, since it is a cloud-based platform with mobile-ready apps, AmoCRM can be accessed via web browsers on desktop and mobile devices or via a dedicated app on smartphones. With this amount of convenience, AmoCRM makes room for improvements in both agility and productivity.

Lead Control

Insight into leads and control of the follow-up actions are as equally important as lead generation. AmoCRM’s rich features will enable you to keep close tabs on all of your prospects and leads. By utilizing powerful reports, you will be able to organize contacts and get insights into their behavior.

This is possible thanks to different communication channels being integrated into the AmoCRM software: social media, email, VoIP, and live chat. In addition, AmoCRM users have access to the advanced business card scanner feature. This feature will enable your agents to collect prospect data within a second and transfer it to the central database of the AmoCRM system.

Customer Support

The customer support service behind AmoCRM is brilliant. They offer their service via live chat, phone, tickets, and email. They respond very quickly and have the knowledge to resolve any issues that might arise while you are using this CRM tool.

Furthermore, the website is quite informative, and you can read about all the features this CRM tool offers. You also have access to a cool blog, where you can read about new features and old features, and how to utilize them to grow your business and improve the relationship with your clients.

Ultimate Customer Tracking

The AmoCRM customer database is interlinked with other features. These features are able to draw this data and display it in a useful fashion. The most powerful feature is advanced customer tracking. It uses the data stored in your customer records to generate the dedicated pipeline activity for each one of them. You can access these views at any time, identify bottlenecks and modify your strategy to get them to the end of the sales pipeline.

The automated digital pipeline extends to the previous feature. It is designed to take the load off your employees by automating lead nurturing and follow-up actions. AmoCRM is capable of performing all the actions on its own up to the very moment when your sales department has to take things over.


  • Very easy to use
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • The price is affordable when compared to other top-notch CRM solutions
  • Great overall functionality
  • Widgets offer extended customization of dashboards, easy monitoring of KPIs
  • Insightful pipeline view feature
  • Easy and streamlined contact handling
  • Analytics can help you identify weak spots in your operations


  • There is no self-service helpdesk available for the users online
  • Users can access how-to nor step-by-step guides online
  • If you hit a wall, in many cases, you will be forced to contact customer support
  • Some of the data can not be exported from AmoCRM which makes it difficult for those with no technical background to use the raw data


AmoCRM is a very powerful software tool. It will help you to capture and record a plethora of information regarding your prospects, leads and customers, review them with the pipeline view and automate CRM efforts.


If you want to get your hands on a powerful and easy-to-use CRM tool, AmoCRM has everything you need at an affordable price. This software will help you manage your customers through the entire customer journey and automate a great deal of repetitive and boring tasks. The mobile app and business card scanner will help you on the go teams to be as efficient as possible and to stay in direct contact with your business at all times.

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