Capsule CRM Review

capsule-crm-logoThe smart and user-friendly Capsule CRM allows you to seamlessly manage all the crucial and repetitive business operations in one place. From contacts, tasks, and time management to conversions and customer satisfaction, the Capsule CRM package assures that you won’t miss the beat of market opportunities.

Capsule CRM Features:

  • Track, store, and take notes of the complete history of your contacts.
  • Integrate with your favorite apps to keep an eye on the latest trends, leads, and competition.
  • Use statistics and Capsule CRM insights to fuel smart business strategies.
  • Create tasks, contact lists, and notifications with the staff via group emails for completing projects on time.
  • Sync your calendar and integrate with Google apps.  
  • Create custom fields to pinpoint vital business processes.
  • Accurately measure the employee performance by tracking their activities
  • Use tags for categorizing data
  • Customize and manage your sales pipeline and create reports on it.
  • Manage your business development remotely via smartphone.

Capsule CRM Pricing:

  • The free version supports up to 2 users, 10MB storage, 250 contacts, an unlimited number of cases forever
  • £8 ($10) month/user Professional Capsule CRM for 2GB storage space per user, 50,000 contacts, premium integrations, including Xero, FreshBooks, MailChimp, Wufoo, and more
  • Plus, users get a 30-day free trial.


Capsule CRM Review  

The good thing about Capsule CRM is that the system provides support for small businesses and startups. The scope of benefits that come with Capsule adoption could be noted on multiple levels and throughout the increase in sales, office productivity, and better customer relations. But in order to review the perks, let’s first start with the basics.

Clear interface

This web-based CRM tool is really simple to use. Meaning that the system has a clean and clear interface and an interactive user-friendly dashboard. Although there are many features to choose from, you can easily navigate your way around the upcoming tasks and contacts. Also, you can spot a calendar and task icon where you can customize your and staff’s upcoming activities.

Perhaps you would find the sales pipeline and cases to be the two most interesting little buttons, as they lead the way to business opportunities and open cases. Both of these are pretty straightforward, so users shouldn’t experience too many difficulties operating this program.


For instance, say that you want to manage your sales. You go to the sales pipeline and select one of two built-in templates (“Simple” and “Customer Centric”) or configure your own with milestones.

Integrate the system with a lot of tools

Now, it’s important to mention that Capsule CRM works well with Google apps (G Suit). Of course, you can integrate the system with a lot of other tools, but Google is considered a must-have for communication, schedule, and storage (the holy trinity of busy modern entrepreneurs). But just because it works well doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvements.    

However, before jumping to conclusions, keep in mind that it gets the work done because you can add a contact at any time with all the details automatically synced with Google. In addition, you can send an email simply by clicking on a contact’s email address and therefore automatically record the conversation in the contact history.

Basically, the CRM simultaneously interacts with Google, except if you want to add new Google activities or Google contacts directly to Capsule. This is the tricky part we talked about earlier, as the program works on Google for these two points but not the other way around.

Leads management

Nevertheless, the crucial part of every CRM platform is the ability to record and store the lead/clients and business communication. If you are not using a Google account, then you’ll have to simply forward messages to a Dropbox address and never stop working with the Capsule CRM. Otherwise, every time you click on a contact’s email addresses, the system will instantly open a new window already addressed to the client.

That being said, there is one thing that can help with email management. Given that this CRM solution doesn’t support sending a massive number of emails in group messages, you can use its power of integration to pick up a couple of other email marketing gadgets.

Other important aspects worth mentioning are Capsule Support and a financial plan. Whether through email or Twitter, you can experience the full support of the help desk from Monday to Friday. Which is a great thing to have, apart from many other Capsule benefits, particularly considering the costs.

Actually, Capsule CRM’s finance plan is what separates this system from other competitors on the market. First, you have a totally free version available for unlimited usage. Secondly, for probably the lowest CRM price at the moment, you get all the premium features, which are known to be costly with many software solutions.

To be fair, although Capsule CRM may have less to offer than other expensive CRMs on the market, it doesn’t change the fact it’s a great solution for businesses who are still in the process of development or want to optimize routine tasks or sales. Plus, it’s absolutely safe as the Capsule’s servers are hosted on Amazon.


  • Free trials and low costs for small business and freelance entrepreneurs
  • Mobile and language support. Clean and simple interface
  • Integration with G Suit and other online tools.  


  • Basic features
  • No multi-channel support
  • No official Office 365 integration

Bottom Line

Capsule CRM software is a great Customer Relationship Management tool for small businesses and organizations that don’t need advanced features, multi-channel support, and complex integration functions.

In conclusion

With the Capsule CRM system, startups can grow the business, attract new consumers, keep track of essential activities, and increase their revenue. The simplicity of the interface and the ability to take advantage of the free trial make Capsule truly unique, because this type of system could suit a broader audience.

One thing is certain, we definitely recommend and encourage you to try it, because you can test and see all of Capsule’s qualities for yourself. After all, Capsule Support is at your disposal five days a week.

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