JellyCRM Review

Screenshot 7 JellyCRM is a fast and simple customer relationship management software that can be used anytime, anywhere, and across different devices with internet access. Not only does it empower sales teams with a unique possibility to make phone calls directly from their CRM base, but it also comes totally free of charge.

JellyCRM Features

  • Whether it comes to lead generation or customer relationship management, JellyCRM has all the necessary tools for driving sales up.
  • JellyCRM has a built-in telephony system, so that you can call your customers from wherever you are, and at any given moment.
  • Sturdy analytical features ensure accurate reporting and effortless decision-making.
  • Intuitive UI and neatly organized panels make JellyCRM super-easy to use.
  • JellyCRM is an cloud-based customer relationship management system, which makes it available across all devices.
  • Installation is quick and simple, with no maintenance required.
  • Technical support for JellyCRM is completely free and available 24/7.

JellyCRM Pricing Plans

  • For up to 20 contacts and 20 companies, JellyCRM is totally free of charge. The Free Plan offers limitless capacity, but excludes both telephony and analytics from its feature list.

  • The Unlimited Plan costs 29 PLN per user per month, and provides a full list of features, including customer support, analytics, and telephony.

JellyCRM Review

CRM technology has entirely changed the way we talk about customer conversion and retention, but also the way we manage our everyday tasks, be they committed to marketing, sales, or support. In terms of both strategies and tools, customer relationship management has entered a whole new age – for businesses large and small, organizations profitable and not, a good CRM is today nothing less than a structural necessity.

JellyCRM certainly falls under this category. Not only does it offer a lot of functionalities and features, but it’s also delightfully simple and easy to use. The company and developers behind this software weren’t looking for anything complicated, and neither are their users. As a result, JellyCRM is not overwhelmingly complicated, and provides nothing but the most important tools.

If you’re looking for a free system that guarantees better sales and support, look no further than JellyCRM. These are the capabilities, functionalities, tools, and features that your company will certainly benefit from.

Tracking Leads, Sales, and Deals Has Never Been Easier

Like all reliable customer relationship management systems, JellyCRM is not your typical repository of customer information. While adding contacts and organizing data is very easy, these are only the basic functionalities. In order to help you improve sales and retention, JellyCRM offers a few extra CRM features.

Lead management and deal tracking are at the top of this list. Whatever part of the customer journey you’re responsible for, JellyCRM will automate your daily tasks, especially repetitive ones. By facilitating virtually any aspect of the customer relationship management process, JellyCRM makes more time for more pressing matters.

JellyCRM review

JellyCRM Allows You to Reach Your Customers with One Click

Instead of system complexity, the company behind JellyCRM has chosen user convenience. Everything about this tools is intuitive and refreshingly simple, and the same goes for its customer relationship management and customer support features that make good use of JellyCRM’s built-in telephony system.

Your sales reps don’t want to waste any of their precious time on organizing contacts and finding prospects’ and customers’ phone numbers when they need to reach them. They also don’t want to switch between tabs and devices every time they need to make a contact. Built-in telephony eliminates all of these delays.

Equipping Customer Support for Certain Success

Having eliminated all delays, both in terms of data management and in terms of system accessibility, JellyCRM will prepare customer support reps for certain success. With a reliable software in place, wait times are significantly decreased, and so is the number of helpdesk tickets and dissatisfied customers.

Everything your customer support reps need to be more motivated, productive, and efficient at their jobs will be at the tips of their fingers. JellyCRM provides a centralized user experience for all employees and departments to enjoy – when it comes to customer support and its consistency, this is of vital importance.

Robust Reporting Features for Better Decision-Making

JellyCRM softwareIs your funnel leaking? Is the success of your services tarnished by an immutable churn rate? If so, what are the reasons? Is there something wrong with your sales process? It may be that your customer journey isn’t streamlined enough? There’s room for improvement in every business, and yours is hardly an exception.

For each particular customer relationship management challenge, JellyCRM will empower you with a valuable insight into your customers’ behavior and your employee performance alike. It’s all thanks to the system’s robust reporting feature that can help you make better decisions and improve your strategies.

Effortless User Onboarding and Delightful User Experience

In many aspects, the built-in telephony system excluded, JellyCRM doesn’t differ much from other reliable customer relationship systems. If you’re looking for comprehensiveness, you won’t find it here. But, if your daily operations could benefit from some structure and simplicity, JellyCRM has everything you need.

Being built for the cloud, this customer relationship management software won’t require you to install and maintain the system on your own. This makes user onboarding very simple, but that’s no all. While cloud computing ensures 24/7 accessibility as well, the great interface promises a highly intuitive user experience.


JellyCRM is everything but complicated and expensive. Apart from the essential CRM, sales, and customer support capabilities, it offers a brilliant built-in telephony system that allows you to contact your leads and customers directly from your CRM database.


For those looking for a more extensive list of features and integration possibilities, JellyCRM is not the best solution on the market.


JellyCRM is a refreshingly simple, telephony-empowered, and 24/7 customer relationship management system for sales and customer success teams, though its list of capabilities and features doesn’t really cater to the needs of larger organizations and enterprises.


CRM technology has come a long way since its early years, and today’s market offers a slightly different tool for everyone’s needs. JellyCRM still hasn’t joined the inner circle of robust, comprehensive and all-inclusive customer relationship management systems, but its simplicity shows that it has never aspired to do so at all.

If your business prefers convenience over complexity too, we definitely recommend that you try JellyCRM.

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