Nutshell CRM Review

Nutshell-reviewNutshell goes beyond providing all of the standard CRM features and gives your team the much needed tips, tools and support. It’s easy to implement and requires no outside assistance. Nutshell also gives free and friendly client support and all that for an affordable price with no hidden costs.


  • Lead generation and tracking sales
  • Role assignment
  • Importing contacts
  • Easy and detailed reports
  • A user-friendly dashboard


  • Starter – 19$ per user, monthly

    An effective CRM software to aid small teams organize their activities and rack up their sales.

  • Pro – 35$ per user, monthly

    Includes additional benefits such as sales process automation, great for large sales teams.

  • Pro+ – 69$ per user, monthly

    Provides all features from the pro plan along with committed support, for teams who want to boost their performance even further.


Overview and key benefits

The competition in modern day business is tight and if you want to get a grip on your business and move ahead of others, you will most likely need some professional tools to help you. This is where Nutshell jumps to the stage to save the day.

Nutshell does not provide the same wide array of features as some other prominent CRM solutions, and the reason behind this is that the target market of Nutshell are small teams and businesses. While its interface is best suited for a small number of users, Nutshell doesn’t have any limits in terms of the number of people who can use it, and the number of records or the amount of storage.

This enables Nutshell to significantly grow together with your team or company. Although these customization options are limited, Nutshell offers advanced tools for analytics and reports which far surpass its small business CRM competition.

As we have already mentioned above, Nutshell is quite affordable, only 19 US dollars for the basic package. Since this basic package includes no limits to the amount of clients or data, you won’t have to worry about bigger bills at the end of the month.

With Nutshell, what you see is what you get; there are no hidden costs or additional payments for certain features and it even allows you to take a 14 day free trial where you can explore the software, try out its features and decide for yourself which package best fits your needs.

Another very important element of Nutshell is that it is super easy to implement and use. Since it provides onboarding assistance and free client support, you won`t need any implementation assistance or CRM experts.

Now that we have described what Nutshell is in a nutshell, let us take a more detailed look at some of its key features and benefits.

User friendly interface

One of the first key features that people report when describing their experience with Nutshell is how easy it is to use it. Nutshell offers a comprehensive and user friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate and offers a simple and complete overview of any scheduled activities such as meetings, calls or tasks.

Here you can also see your entire contact history and, if you synchronize it with your Google account, it can extract all the data from your Google Calendar to give you a quick rundown of all important dates.

Role appointment

Unless you`re going to be the only person using Nutshell in your enterprise, you might want to deal with assigning specific roles to various members of your team. With Nutshell, this is probably done easier than ever before, as you can assign roles with just a few clicks.

Simply click Setup, go to System, and then choose Users and Teams; here you can see a table with the list of all existing users, you can create a new one by simply clicking “New User” and typing in their name and email address. How much simpler can it get?

Another perk that this feature provides is that you can restrict access to certain data and features of the software to specific unauthorized team members, which is very useful for larger teams.

Contact management

Since Nutshell can synchronize with virtually any piece of software that you may have previously used, you can link it to your Google account or import excel spreadsheets and it will automatically update your contact list. It will also create a new contact every time you email someone who is not already in any of your contact lists. Of course, you can still do things the old fashioned way and type in your contacts manually.

Another great thing about contact management in Nutshell is that you can separate all of your contacts, to get a better overview of them, into three categories: people, leads, companies.  Clicking on a contact will give you a detailed overlook of your past interactions such as emails or conversations. Furthermore, you can contact your clients from that same window or modify the existing records.

Managing leads

Nutshell takes good care of the fact that each market can require unique pricing of individual goods or services and allows you to set that pricing on your own terms and adjust it accordingly, for the specific markets where your products are placed.

Nutshell is different from many other CRM systems in that it combines all of your opportunities and appoints all of your people, sources, products and competitors to each lead, which enables you to track all of them at the same time easily. This option doesn`t prevent you from allocating your leads in different ways, or appointing unique tasks while the lead is being generated.


Detailed and comprehensive reports

Nutshell`s greatest asset is probably its advanced reporting tool which brings with it detailed charts, high-level analyses and summaries as well as comprehensive tables. In Nutshell, you are offered 4 distinct default types of reports and they include: Team Activities, Sales Forecast, Sales Analytics and Sales Comparison. In addition, you can create your own custom reports which will be focused on areas associated with a particular lead.


  • Easy to implement and use
  • customized reports and user-friendly dashboard
  • unlimited users and data storage
  • free 14 day trial


  • Limited access to social media
  • narrow options for customization
  • too many menus obscure some features

Bottom line

Nutshell is an amazing CRM solution for small business which offers an intuitive interface and some pretty advanced tools at a very reasonable and affordable price.

In conclusion

To finalize this review, we would like to say that while Nutshell does have some small downsides, like the fact that customer support is not available 24/7, it is still unparalleled as a tool for small teams and solo enterprises. It offers some pretty advanced reporting tools and enables you to customize it to a certain extent so that it can fit your workflow, but because customization options are limited, Nutshell is very simple to use.

We would highly recommend this software as a strong CRM solution for any small or growing business as well as individuals who are in need of help when it comes to dealing with clients.

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