Really Simple Systems CRM Review

really simple systems logo2 300x162RSS CRM is an all-around platform that offers out-of-the-box functionality and helps manage customer support, marketing, prospects, contacts, tasks, and sales. It is an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere to perform all the tasks required.

Really Simple Systems CRM features

  • Contact management
  • Account management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Fully developed API and integration
  • Customer support and service
  • Managing pipelines and sales

Really Simple Systems CRM pricing

  • Free: allows a maximum of two users with a limitation to 100 accounts, unlimited number of contacts, storage space of 100MBs, API integration, custom reports, custom settings, sales automation, contact management, chat, and email support.

  • Starter: $15 per user each month, 1000 accounts limit, unlimited contacts, storage space of 1 GB, marketing modules, API, custom reports, custom settings, contact management, sales automation, chat and email support, Two-way MailSync.

  • Professional: $33 per user each month, 5000 accounts available, unlimited contacts, storage space of 5GBs, Two-way MailSync, API, custom reports, custom settings, sales automation, contact management, chat and email support, optional service desk module, and marketing modules.

  • Enterprise: $50 per user each month, unlimited accounts, users, document storage and contacts, Two-way MailSync, advanced custom reporting, advanced custom settings, API, email, phone, and chat support, user permission levels, added optional marketing and service desk modules.

Benefits of RSS CRM

The best way to learn about software is to see which benefits it has to offer. With RSS CRM there are plenty of those:

  • As the name suggests really simple systems CRM is very simple and easy to use. It is very intuitive and even beginners get used to it pretty quickly. It doesn’t require any special knowledge to be used properly and employees can be trained easily to start using this tool.  

  • It has free support and built-in email marketing.

  • RSS CRM is designed to be used by smaller organizations, medium-sized businesses, or departments of some big companies.

  • With the integrated module for email marketing, RSS CRM allows companies to create marketing campaigns, send newsletters and emails straight out of the CRM system. You won’t have to get an email service provider as well and complicate things, as everything you need will be located on the same platform.

  • The people at Really Simple Systems believe that technology is important when it comes to comprehensive CRM, but they also think that training people to use them properly, establish standards and learn protocols is at the core of success. This is why the vendor provides all customers with free support, helps organizations get set up, and allows them to load all of their data with their help.

  • The pricing system for this CRM is designed in a very scalable way so that all organizations that get it can include more features as they start needing them and as their work grows. Startups can use the free plan when they don’t have a lot of employees, work, or money, and they can get bigger packages with more features as they progress. Everyone can find a package that is right for them, both based on their financial capabilities and technical requirements.


Amazing workspace

The RSS CRM has a workspace which is a synonym for simplicity. It also offers modern features and great aesthetics. In order to ensure that your work area is always clear the developers divided it into three modules including:

  • Service and support
  • Marketing
  • Sales

All of them are located on different pages, but this does not present any navigation problems, as there is an accordion menu through which they can be accessed quickly. Each module has customizable dashboards where users can add or remove any widgets in order to highlight the most important things in their work.

One of the amazing things about this CRM is that it offers links for beginners leading to instructional videos that help them get started with RSS CRM. All pages have a help button that gives valuable advice and tips on how to use that particular page, and you can also find links to the vendor’s customer support for exploring additional information.

Reporting is very flexible

RSS CRM has many predetermined report forms that you can use out-of-the-box or customize them the way you see fit. There are also 2 features for writing reports:

  1. Forecast report writer
  2. Listings report writer

The forecast report writer is designed to help users generate their own sales forecasts quickly and accurately. It is possible to use any numeric value as your main value in sales forecast reports that you design. The reports are displayed on the screen, and if users want them, they are given the option to download and save them in many formats including for printing.

The other report writer is designed to help generate reports on things like who made the most sales, or reports on complex issues such as how many prospects above a certain age have spent over a certain figure with your business.


Quality security and backup

One of the most important aspects to look at for every cloud-based software is security and backups. Here are some of the security measures that have been taken by Really Simple Systems Company:

  • All the data that you have on the cloud can be downloaded at any given moment. A lot of vendors limit the time when customers can download their content, but here you have the freedom to do a backup on your own whenever you see fit.

  • The platform has been registered by the vendor under Data Protection Act, as it complies with all the directives from EC Data.

  • The RSS company has two data centers, both of which are always running. In case one of them fails, everything is switched to the second one. This guarantees greater security and with this method, the RSS company was able to achieve 99% uptime.


Even though it offers a lot of integrations, RSS CRM misses some important 3rd party apps and, most importantly, it doesn’t offer social media integrations, which a lot of organizations need.


  • Great scalability
  • a 2-week free trial
  • ease of use
  • great functionality and scalability

Bottom line

This is a truly great CRM platform that is reliable and used by many organizations. The level of customer support that RSS provides to their customers and how they approach clients and their training, making sure that people use their software properly, is simply amazing.

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