SalesNexus CRM Review

salesnexus crm reviewSalesNexus CRM is a cloud-based business process management suite that can facilitate many operations, including marketing, sales, and customer experience. This software solution offers sales automation, database customization, email marketing, and optimized collaboration between departments for efficient lead conversion.

SalesNexus CRM Features:

  • A complete history of every interaction with clients
  • Sales force automation for effective sales team navigation towards purchases
  • Activity reports to quickly evaluate the lead and employee situation
  • Multi device integration for a consistent user experience on every digital device
  • The outlook syncing feature to seamlessly sync the calendar, contacts, and tasks
  • Email integration with all contacts for automatic follow-ups with prospects
  • Lead capture and conversion reports to track, capture, and measure the success of marketing campaigns

SalesNexus CRM Pricing:

  • Solo/Free/User/Month, including 2,000 emails, 200/user/month social profiles, 2GB user storage, 2 cases per month
  • $45/user/month Professional package to add 5,000 emails sent per month, 250 LeadFerret Contacts, 200/user/month social profiles, 2.5GB storage
  • $65/user/month Enterprise offer for 15,000 sent emails, 500/user/month LeadFerret Contacts, 500 social profiles, 5GB per user storage

SalesNexus CRM Software Review

For many companies, including both high-end brands and startups, generating leads presents the biggest challenge. If you find yourself to be in the same position, then you know that your business success depends on satisfied customers. However, modern times got prospects hooked to the Internet and the only way to reach them is with the power of advanced technology solutions.

SalesNexus CRM is precisely the digital tool that can optimize dated business processes and help to utilize online benefits. With this system, you can effectively launch your email campaigns and manage contacts and invoices.

Contact management

Speaking of contact management, every company’s contact or business associate has to be kept up to date and available to different workforce members. This is where SalesNexus thrives because the CRM software provides a complete insight into the customer’s history with the corporation. Also, you can share the contacts with the staff as well as notes, schedules, and other necessary documents in a matter of seconds.

CRM dashboard

In fact, staying in tune with client interactions is very simplified. The CRM dashboard has a special customer portal that tracks orders, every interaction, and displays progress to keep you informed. And since the entire process is automated, the information is accurate and shared in real time. In other words, your business can lower the risk of human mistakes and enhance team performance by reducing common repetitive tasks.


Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the software application. The user-friendly SalesNexus design is intuitive and easy to operate. All of the information is readable and simple to navigate. Plus, you can always customize data fields the way it suits you the most.

Another perk of this system is that CRM enables all sales team members to log the status of each interaction with prospective customers. These are called activity reports that serve to regularly update the client status as well as to provide deeper insights for improving lead management and customer experience in general. Likewise, the reports are archived chronologically and can be retrieved at any moment.

Lead database

While all of these features sound amazing, this is not the end. This CRM platform connects the landing lead database of a business website with leads in the system. Next to lead capture, the lead and conversion report feature allows users to trace email campaign responses in order to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. This is quite beneficial, considering that you can take advantage of data by using it to build improved and more engaging marketing campaigns.  

However, SalesNexus CRM can do one more thing for you. It can fix you up with a couple of associated tools and third-party software such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Vista, QuickBooks, Sage 50, and API. But if you wish to integrate with these programs, keep in mind that you will have to pay additional fees for special setups.  


SalesNexus flaws

As we can see, SalesNexus is not without its flaws. Though it’s efficient in several business fields, CRM lacks some advanced applications which would come in handy for prominent enterprises. For instance, there are no CRM functions for Google apps. Sure, there are API capabilities, but what about Google synchronization or Android mobile platform optimization for that matter?

Mobile device integration

The product specifies mobile device integration on mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Blackberry. And when it comes to desktops and tablets, SalesNexus is supported by Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), and Windows 8. In addition, CRM usage and prices are based on annual pre-payment whereas month-to-month users have to add $15 extra to their payment method.

So what is the final verdict? It seems that SalesNexus has great potential for taking a small and medium-sized business to another level. With a completely hosted service that offers multiple utilities and low costs of ownership, it’s easy to drive the business to the next step.

That being said, larger business establishments with more consumers and massive market demands might not be able to make the most of this software. After all, there are many other solutions out there that can pitch in and boost additional business operations.

salesnexus crm software

But we have to be fair, SalesNexus CRM can truly help. Then again, it all comes down to the unique requirements of your business and the budget you are willing to spare for improvements.


  • easy to use
  • interactive design
  • 30 days free trial
  • completely hosted service


  • lack of functionality support
  • might not be so computer/mobile-friendly and intuitive for people new to CRM

Bottom Line: SalesNexus CRM software is a great digital solution for small/medium companies. With rich email, contact and lead management features, businesses in development can get ahead and place themselves among market competitors. However, it doesn’t have many third-party integrations and those available succumb to additional charges.

Final Thoughts

If you pay attention to other Internet reviews, you can note that SalesNexus CRM has many positive reviews. We are happy to recommend the software to entrepreneurs with a reasonable amount of contacts and marketers who want to experience the capabilities of such a system. The software’s capacities are above average and they won’t break the bank.

However, experienced business owners with a lot of contacts on their hands and insufficient time to deal with a half-optimized system could look for other CRM options. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try for yourself and see first-hand if this CRM solution is just what are you looking for. It won’t cost you a penny considering you have a free 30 days trial period.

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