What Is Case Management?


Did you know that 95% of managers use two or more tools for project management? It’s clear that rapid evolution of technology has changed and continues to shape the market. Unfortunately, 75% of business and IT executives anticipate project failure, while 80% of project managers don’t really understand how the business strategy aligns with projects.

Having said that, there is a silver lining, a solution that has arisen to solve these common problems many organizations face. The answer lays in an affordable and free case management software that helps with better organization and enhanced business development.

What is Case Management?

To put it simply, case management is a comprehensive and collaborative process that involves data processing and unique content management related to the specific case. Managing the “case” or a project implies using specific business tactics such as collecting, tracking, and analyzing data to make accurate assessments and best strategies that enable more options, services, as well as better care for clients.

Case management supports better policies and strategic approaches to handling tasks such as customer service requests, necessary legal investigations, or other resolutions for processes that are not applicable to any other project.

However, we live in the world of big data. Meaning that crunching the data and getting to the essential information requires efficient tools that can save time and effort, and prevent human mistakes along the way.

Hence, case management software appeared to simplify this process by allowing entrepreneurs and employees to quickly access the information that they need to make better decisions.

What is a Case Manager?

Case management software is a technology that helps users acquire, track, and use all of the crucial client information to successfully conclude a case. But beyond providing access to data records in one centralized database, case management systems also organize data, perform analytics, and automate dated processes to free up time that can be spent on more important business procedures.

By eliminating the need to collect and process data manually, managers and team members can focus more on the outcome of sensitive projects. Moreover, case executives can use this program to create intuitive and in-depth reports or to simply supervise the company’s operations.

In general, a case manager empowers better business management. The software allows enhanced collaboration between all the parties involved in a case, while some of the social work case management software providers also enable communication with clients directly on the platform.

What to Look for in a Case Management System?

When it comes to selecting a suitable case management software for your organization, first evaluate the requirements of your business operations in detail. This will guide your search and make the task of comparing multiple options much easier.

Do you need a case management solution? You can experience software benefits only if:

  • The business interacts and deals with a lot of clients.
  • Capturing and storing information in one place is highly important.
  • The company requires tracking and gathering of consumer data.
  • Collecting customer information could help you to improve business processes and keep them up to date.

This system is often used by legal firms, local government, financial advisers, health care organizations, schools, architects, and enterprises. If your company shares some of these characteristics, here are the key software benefits to consider once on the lookout:

  • The IT Support: Cloud-based and open source case management software reduces the need for IT maintenance and additional costs that go along with it.  

  • Flexibility: Good software should allow customization and the freedom to build your cases from a detailed dashboard. In addition, quality software features must enable an easy integration and employee training.

  • Time tracking abilities: Built-in time tracking capabilities support saving costs and reviewing projects in real time.

  • Multiplatform functions: Accessing the content from any location at any time is a must for busy entrepreneurs.

  • Affordability: Due to the large amount of competition, the software you choose has a responsibility to not only prevent you from going over budget, but to also provide an affordable service via monthly payments or free trials for a certain period of time.    

The good news is that some of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems now incorporate case management as a part of the broader and improved business process management. Hence, CRM case management software is perhaps the best choice for those who are looking to expand their company and relationships with consumers.

Top 5 Case Management Solutions

Here is the list of top 5 case management solutions you can currently find on the market:

HubSpot CRM 

The best free case management software for SMB’s and enterprises. This software beats its rivals with stunning core features such as deep contact and company insights, contact management, potent analytic tools, email automation, templates and tracking, Gmail and Outlook integration, contact activities, lead conversion capabilities, and more.


Agile CRM

Coming in at second place is this user-friendly tool for automating sales, marketing, and services. Agile CRM system supports an easy integration and offers Free, Starter Pack, Regular, and Enterprise options. In addition, it’s a user-friendly platform optimized for a mobile service on the go.


Nutshell CRM

Nutshell can help you find contacts and convert them into loyal shoppers. It keeps track of the business performance as well, plus, the system automates your sales process and helps to develop better collaboration with both employees and customers.


Capsule CRM

This CRM is focused on building a better relationship with consumers. If your goal is to enhance the sales pipeline, then this is the solution for you. However, keep in mind that Capsule adaptation is best suited for small organizations and it might not be able to contribute and enhance your case management.


SalesNexus CRM

A “free for 30 days” trial allows you to see if the customized CRM software agrees with your preferences. Similarly to a previous system, this CRM may fail to meet your case management expectations. Either way, it’s a great automation tool that can help you nourish prospects and measure the success of projects for free or a low price.


Case management software can do wonders for your company, but only if you already know what type of changes and optimization your business requires. Small organizations can benefit from a simple solution, but if you want to put a stop to unnecessary waste of time and money, then HubSpot CRM software is the ideal tool to do so. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from a free all-in-one solution that you can use or walk away from at any moment?

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