What Is Marketing Automation?


The word efficiency is the theme of the contemporary business model; all efforts seem to be directed towards turning mechanical and repetitive tasks into automatic actions. Every new software tool is dedicated to providing means to achieve maximal effectiveness in offices worldwide.

As you’re familiar, advertising is a vital piece of any business, no matter the industry. So, it’s no wonder that marketing automation is a very popular subject among influencers and innovators. In order to get a self-sustainable business, marketing needs to work as a well-oiled mechanism.

For many, it’s still unclear what the term marketing automation represents and how to select a quality piece of software among the sea of similar ones. Therefore, let’s break the subject into details, go through the desired features, and help you choose the right marketing automation software.

So, What Is Marketing Automation?

There ways in which this kind of software is being perceived currently, and some of them are quite improper.

As the title says, marketing automation software exists so that it can cut down the time you would otherwise find necessary to spread the word about your business.

So, let’s go through facts and misconceptions.

Software isn’t an employee. This piece of software isn’t meant to replace an employee, which is a common misbelief. In order to collect organic customers and build a circle of loyal employees, you will need use marketing automation solution as a tool instead of treating it as an individually functioning unit.

Know your audience. For your business to be profitable, you first need to know your target audience – this is a fact. Once you’re familiar with the demographics, you can reach out to leads, and convert them into customers. Marketing automation software is a tool dedicated to automating the conversion process.

Don’t share generic content. Of course, there’s another (improper) way to implement marketing automation to your business model. One of the ways to use marketing automation is to send out emails – in numerous examples, companies decided to take a shortcut by collecting an extensive list of random addresses and forwarding generic content to a wide audience.

Although there’s a chance to make an insignificant number of sales, this is a certain way to end up flagged as spam. Not only will you be permanently removed from the inboxes of people who have no interest in your list of products and services, but you’ll also waste an opportunity to gather more leads.

So, it’s obvious that marketing automation software can be your strongest ally and your worst enemy – it all depends on the way you use it.

How to Use Marketing Automation Software?

In order to build a strong relationship with your customers and generate interest among your leads, you need to reach out to them in a highly-personalized manner that’s a result of proper targeting. Although businesses use different channels in order to communicate with their audience, the following three are usually unavoidable.

  • emails,
  • social platforms,
  • and texting services.

So, once you gather relevant email addresses, collect organic followers on social networks, and get permission to reach your audience via their personal phone number, marketing automation software comes into play.

In order to increase the number of your sales, you need to provide your previous and potential customers with relevant content.

  • Emails. In case of emails, you should use them as a way to keep your correspondents notified about new articles on your blog, upcoming sales, ways to apply your products, etc.

  • Social media. Social platforms are all about engagement; get in touch with your followers and ask them to share their opinion about your brand, rate your services, and direct them to a guide of yours for example, in order to find out whether or not they find it useful.

  • SMS. When it comes to texts, you should be as short as possible – after all, it’s a Short Message Service. This is the right medium to be in touch with your customers and leads and share a range of content; from novelties about your business to birthday congrats.

And that is what marketing automation software can do for you; it can turn the otherwise long and mechanical process of sharing highly-personalized content with your target audience into a smooth and fluent outreach procedure.  

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Platform?

As we mentioned in the introduction, browsing through marketing automation platforms can be overwhelming. However, there are a couple of tips you’ll find most helpful during your quest to find the best marketing automation software.

  • You should create a list of desired features which you should be able to do considering the fact we went through the basic functions of marketing automation platforms.
  • Make sure to check the professional reviews and client testimonials of brands you’re interested in.
  • Compare the prices of different pieces of software so you can build a frame of reference regarding costs.  

What not to do is mostly based on overpaying; in order to use the full potential of this software you need to make your selection based on the needs and the size of your business. If you go with a tool meant for huge companies, not only will you be overpaying, but you’ll also get lost in an extensive list of features in front of you. So, if you’re in charge of a small team, go with small business marketing automation software.

hubspot-crmYou’re looking at a list of the top five pieces of highly-functioning software; each marketing automation platform will serve the cause. You should pay special attention to the second one on the list – HubSpot CRM. What makes this software stand out among other marketing automation tools is its ability to adapt to differently sized business. So, if your team grows rapidly in a short time-frame, you won’t have to exchange it. Besides, it’s a platform that’s easy to navigate, so your team won’t have to go through a learning curve – you can implement it to your business right away.


A piece of software that automates marketing efforts in a clever, organic way is a vital tool that should be found in any contemporary office. A quality piece of software – like any of the ones we listed – will increase the efficiency of your employees, help you convert leads into sales, and enable you to gather a circle of loyal customers. Just remember about the proper way of using this software as we discussed, check for the features before making a purchase, and enjoy its benefits afterwards.

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