What Is Sales Management?


Sales management is a business discipline that involves sales managers using various sales techniques in order to manage all of their sales operations and increase sales. It means creating a trained sales force that can efficiently and effectively generate quality leads and convert them into customers, maximizing sales and ROI in order to help a company grow.

What Is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is a system that enables sales managers to get a clear insight into their sales performance, so that they can optimize their efforts and make sure that their sales reps are on the right track to achieve the company’s goals.

This type of software provides detailed reports and real-time information regarding lead generation, conversions, potential and seized opportunities, sales reps’ performance and gained revenue, as well as accurate sales forecasts and various other metrics that can indicate which areas may need improvement for bringing more value to an organization, that is, closing more deals and generating more revenue.

What Sales Management Software Features to Look for and Why?

When choosing the best sales management software for your needs, you need to look for the features that will benefit your unique business requirements. There are quite a lot of vendors offering excellent software solutions, which can make your final decision a bit difficult, but the following features are some of the best to look out for, so having them in mind will help you choose right.

  • Lead management – In order for this type of software to help you increase conversions and sales, it must function as great sales lead management software. The lead management feature enables you to capture and generate quality leads, as well as assign them to appropriate sales reps, who can then nurture them and build strong and meaningful relationships with them.

  • Opportunity management – The opportunity management feature is essential for improving your sales efforts and generating higher revenue. It enables you to set and track your goals by tracking all your activities and getting a better insight into your sales pipeline. This enables you to see exactly when a potential opportunity arises so that you can properly allocate your resources and effectively seize every opportunity.

  • Productivity management – Productivity management actually includes several different features that are crucial for maintaining an efficient and productive workflow. You need to make sure that the software you choose enables calendar management, as well as the scheduling and tracking of tasks so that everyone can see what and when needs to be done.

    It should also include collaboration tools so that your sales reps and other stakeholders can easily communicate with one another and share files and documents in order to speed up their efforts and streamline all sales operations.

  • Analytics and reporting – Making sure that the software you choose has extensive analytics features will help you significantly improve your sales. You should look out for features offering campaign analysis, visualizations of all your sales data, insightful and real-time reports regarding all your leads, opportunities, appointments, and conversions, as well as features providing accurate sales forecasting.

    Simple sales management software should work as sales performance management software as well because analyzing and evaluating your sales reps’ efforts will help you know exactly how to boost their performance and maximize your revenue and profitability.

  • Seamless integrations – Integrating your sales management software with other systems is vital not only for increasing productivity and effectiveness but also for reducing costs and improving your sales campaigns.

    The most essential integrations that your software should offer are email, mobile, live chat, social media, and accounting, to name just a few. You may also consider integration with sales commission management software, as it can ease your commission payments management.

Perhaps the most important integration to look out for has to do with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. CRM for sales management provides you with an outstanding opportunity to build strong customer relationships by tracking their interactions with your company and, thus, fully understanding their needs and preferences. It provides you with a contact database with relevant customer information, including the history of interactions and all the previous orders.

Top 5 Best CRM Software Solutions for Sales Management

Given the fact that the integration of sales management software and CRM software is a match made in heaven, take a look at the top CRM solutions for sales management that you should definitely check out.

  • HubSpot CRM – HubSpot CRM is the best choice for you, as it is completely free and provides everything you need to organize, track, capture, and nurture your leads, effectively managing your sales pipeline and increasing productivity and revenue. It helps you automate repetitive tasks and close more deals much faster.

  • Base CRM – Base CRM is an intelligent sales assistant that provides you with great sales pipeline visibility, lead and opportunity management, actionable data reports, accurate analytics and sales forecasting, excellent communication, and collaboration tools, and enables your sales reps to enhance their productivity.

  • SalesNexus – SalesNexus is a full-featured CRM solution that includes lead generation, lead management, and sales and marketing automation features that can help you organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. It helps you easily target and capture quality leads, convert them into customers, and forge strong relationships with them.

  • JellyCRM – JellyCRM is a very intuitive system that enables you to collect contacts and keep track of your customers so that you can build meaningful relationships with them. It also provides sales reports that can help you quickly and easily increase your sales.

  • Capsule CRM – Capsule CRM is a smart solution that can help you increase sales and save time. It gives you a complete view of your customers, helping you nurture them easily and close more sales. It’s also excellent for collaboration and maintaining an effective workflow.

As you can certainly see, sales management software can bring a lot of value to your business, so make sure you follow the aforementioned tips regarding key features to look for when choosing the right piece of software for your business needs and don’t forget to check out these top CRM solutions that can really take your sales management efforts to a whole new level.

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